On becoming a forest

Blog by Katriina Kilpi People who are passionate about nature – myself included – always say the key to this is all the time they spent playing in nature as a child. Why would that be? Maybe their parents were hobbyists and loved nature too. Maybe they were scouts or participated in H4. Maybe theyContinue reading “On becoming a forest”

Veerkrachtpad (Resilience path) opening at Borgwal, Vurste

Today we officially opened the resilience path at the beautiful Borgwal domain in Vurste (Gavere). This route of +2 km contains exercises that invite you to slow down, stop and immerse yourself in the forest. From Saturday September 12th you are very welcome to try out the Veerkrachtpad yourself and enjoy the positive health effectsContinue reading “Veerkrachtpad (Resilience path) opening at Borgwal, Vurste”