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Forest Therapy Days 6.8.-12.8.2018, Karjalohja, Finland


First International Forest Therapy Days will be held in southern Finland, in August 2018. This event will bring together practitioners and scientists of forest therapy to learn, share and experience the healing effects of forests. NatureMinded is organizing this event together with Forest Therapy Today and the international community of  forest therapy practitioners.


Forest Therapy workshop 6-7 October, 2018, Munte/Merelbeke.

An introductory workshop about the healing powers of the forest, forest therapy approaches & applications. This two-day-workshop run by myself and Hanna-Kaisa Heilimo (Atofios, OY) from Finland, mixes theory and practice.  We introduce you to the effects of the forest on the physical and mental level; discuss the different approaches of forest therapy; applications for different needs, target groups and circumstances, and walk you through the practices of two forest therapy methods: the American Association of Nature and Forest Therapy´s Shinrin yoku, as well as the Finnish Metsämieli/Forest Mind method. You will have the chance toforest therapy jpg experience both methods and try out creating your own invitations.

A bit more about my co-trainer: Hanna-Kaisa Heilimo (FI) is a registered (OR) nurse experienced in health promotion and adult education. She is a trained Forest Mind guide (FI) and a certified shinrin yoku/forest therapy guide (ANFT). Hanna-Kaisa produces and provides nature based and nature assisted wellbeing services for different target groups within her company Atofios OY based in Finland.

The workshop will be held indoors (Zoete Zonde cafe) and outdoors (surroundings forest). We start at 9.00 on both mornings and end at roughly 17.00 in the afternoon. The price of this 2-day workshop is 260 euro for early birds (limited availability) and 300 euro for normal birds, which includes lectures and guidance, two forest therapy walks, lunch on both days and refreshments (coffee, tea, soft drinks) throughout the training. This is a non-certifying, introductory training aimed at anyone interested in applying the healing effects of the forest environment in their work (e.g. counselors, coaches, nature guides, therapists, teachers) or private life; anyone interested in learning about this upcoming field and wanting to try out the different approaches before starting their own practice or pursuing certification.

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30 dagen lang 30 minuten bewegen in het groen.   (the 2018 edition!)

Daag jezelf uit om 30 dagen lang 30 minuten per dag te bewegen in het groen. Met bewegen bedoelen we niet enkel lopen, wandelen of fietsen, maar bijvoorbeeld ook yoga, geocache of touwspringen. Zolang je maar bezig bent in het groen…

30-30 is een project van BOS+CM en Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos.


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Talks & presentations:

20 June 2018. Quiet connecting in loud forests: Forest therapy as a medium to nature connection in Belgian Flanders. Nature Connections conference, University of Derby.

6 April 2018. Nature´s health effects and importance to Wandelcoaching. Wandelcoaching opleiding organized by Het Coach Bureau.

27-29 June 2017. Biodiversity and Health in the face of Climate Change. Challenges, opportunities and evidence gaps. European Conference, Bonn, Germany. Poster session: Doctor Woods (BOS+) and Green Learning Environments (BOS+) in cooperation with BOS+.

2-4 May 2017. ALTER-Net Conference. Nature and society: synergies, conflicts, trade-offs. Ghent, Belgium. Presentation titled: Green Learning Environments. Identifying best practices for non-formal learning in natural environments for children with special educational needs (BOS+) in cooperation with BOS+.

13 June, 2017. De Rondetafels. Bosforum. Brussels, Belgium. Presentation: Weg van Bos (Dr. Yannick Joye on behalf of NatureMinded)

21 March 2017. Studiedag. Groen en gezondheid. Hasselt, Belgium. Presentation titled: Groeien door groen: de welzijns- en gezondheidsbaten van groene omgevingen
(Dr. Yannick Joyce on behalf of NatureMinded)

Bildergebnis für Groen en gezondheid maart 21

Past projects:


Outdoor Educator Training 2 and 9 June, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 22.30.46

In cooperation with Brussels Outdoor School, NatureMinded participates in the Outdoor Educator Training.  21st century skills through forest school method. An introduction to forest school and outdoor learning. Scandinavian approach:

Opdracht: productie film over natuur en gezondheid voor de provincie Antwerpen

De provincie Antwerpen zet de volgende jaren in op het thema ‘natuur en gezondheid’. Er is groeiend aantoonbaar bewijs dat natuur positieve effecten heeft op onze gezondheid en welzijn. Opzet van de film is brede communicatie over de link natuur-gezondheid (onderbouwd met wetenschappelijke cijfers) als een soort eye-opener, en het inspireren en prikkelen om te investeren in natuur, dit zowel naar het brede publiek toe als naar specifieke doelgroepen (zorgsector, scholen, gemeenten, bedrijven, …).





30 dagen lang 30.. minuten bewegen in het groen (2017).  

Daag jezelf uit om 30 dagen lang 30 minuten per dag te bewegen in het groen. Met bewegen bedoelen we niet enkel lopen, wandelen of fietsen, maar LOGO-30-30-FINAALbijvoorbeeld ook yoga, geocache of touwspringen. Zolang je maar bezig bent in het groen…

30-30 is een project van BOS+ en CM.

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Green Learning Environments

Het project leidt tot heel concrete lesfiches en lesmaterialen op maat van kinderen met een mentale beperking. De geteste materialen worden gratis ter beschikking gesteld. Zo hebben leerkrachten en opvoeders de juiste middelen in handen om maximaal gebruik te maken van de natuur als informele en krachtige leeromgeving..