The NatureMinded projects are a result of collaboration with and advise from the following trusted experts, professionals and communities:

Dr. Yannick Joye has a background in philosophy. In his research he has dealt with questions such as how nature’s visual aesthetics can be integrated into architecture to promote user wellbeing and cognitive functioning.

Yannick Joye

Having worked at various international universities (KULeuven, University of Groningen), he is currently a senior researcher at ISM University of Management and Economics. His research focuses on how aesthetic aspects of consumer environments and products can affect consumption. Yannick is currently a senior researcher at ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania.



Dr. Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri is a pharmacist focused on medicinal and food plants.

Vitalija Povilaityte_photo
Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri

She studies safe, sustainable and responsible use of medicinal and edible plants, herbal medicinal products and botanical food supplements. Vitalija also analyses how green spaces, therapeutic landscapes and traditional knowledge contribute to human connectedness with nature, to disease prevention and health promotion. She investigates what role food biodiversity, small scale farming, city gardening, ethnobotanical knowledge and community involvement play in addressing societal, environmental and economic challenges.


Dr. Rik De Vreese has a background in forestry, but is now working on governance and social aspects of urban forests as social-ecological systems.

Rik De Vreese

He is project coordinator at BOS+ and works as an independent international urban forest consultant for several clients including the European Forest Institute. He has a PhD in human ecology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and a regular speaker on nature and health, forest policy, urban forestry.



Dr. Henrik Jönsson holds a PhD in applied mathematics and has worked as a researcher in the intersection between mathematics and financial economics.

henrik pic
Henrik Jönsson

As a nature enthusiast, Henrik has reoriented himself into environmental psychology, in general, and health promoting outdoor environments, in particular. He focuses on the practical experiences of embodiment in nature, and people´s emotional relationships with places. Henrik is studying Outdoor Environments for Health and Wellbeing at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.



HEALING FOREST aims to discover and promote the healing powers of  nature.


Through films, nature walks, articles and activities we hope to create greater awareness about the link between us and nature. The intention is to create a small community of people who can lead healing forest walks that connect people with nature and create a healthy society and a healthy planet.


Sugir Selliah, holder of a MSc. in biological science, is a global citizen with a non-linear career path.

Sugir Selliah

Her scientific background is strongly focused on research projects on plants related to their evolutionary history, conservation and ethnobotany. Her interests cover topics from sustainable urban landscapes to phytochemistry in an interdisciplinary research environment. She strives to understand our society’s relationship with nature,  e.g. how can we improve our health and well-being while promoting plant-based health practices available in urban settings?