What we offer

To increase awareness of nature’s psychological and health benefits, we offer the following services, tailored to your needs and situation:

  • Till now, we have collaborated with nature on these themes:
    • Stress, burnout prevention
    • Loneliness
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Disconnection from self, from nature, from others
    • Existential crisis
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative research, aimed at clarifying and testing the effects of nature & greening interventions in living, working, or public settings.
  • Advice and consultancy on how environmental psychology interventions can influence particular situations, spaces, and people. Hourly rate €75,00+VAT.
  • Designing & studying the impact of Resilience trails, i.e. trails that include psychological exercises placed strategically in the environment to support, restoration and resilience. Every resilience path reflects a different theme that is defined in collaboration with the surrounding nature and the partners in the project. Our resilience paths so far include:
  • Nature based health practices
    • Forest Mind walks: Forest Mind is a nature-based method to strengthen wellbeing, increase self-awareness, and help you live a rewarding life, even in the face of difficulties and hardships. A Forest Mind walk or session can facilitated in a forest, park, garden, or even indoors with the help of natural imagery. The method has been developed in Finland by Sirpa Arvonen in 2014.
    • Forest bathing walks: NatureMinded organizes walks, trainings and events  around the practice of forest bathing (also known as shinrin yoku).  
      • If you are interested in combining a walk with a lecture of forests importance for wellbeing, that is possible. Indoors or outdoors, your choice!
  • Online/offline presentations/lectures (45 to 60 minutes) of how nature positively affects us, by providing an accessible and state-of-the-art overview of recent findings and theories within this field, tailored to your training days, conferences, and other events.
  • Facilitation of workshops for different audiences on various themes, including nature´s effect on health, nature and children, and nature connectedness, to name a few.
  • White papers or fact-sheets, offering an accessible review of up-to-date environmental psychology research, tailored to your particular questions and context, e.g. organizations, campaigns and other cause.

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Feedback from people we work with

Heel hartelijk bedankt voor je fijne en authentieke bijdrage van zaterdag. We kregen er ook veel enthousiaste en waarderende reacties op vanuit het publiek, speciaal over jouw stukje. Het raakte me dat je zo mooi onder woorden brengt en bevestigt van veel dingen die ik intuïtief aanvoel en ervaar. Het is mooi om dat op deze manier gedeeld te zien, en het ook te herkennen”.


-Virginie, Waerbeke webinar-



Katriina provided a thorough (online) presentation on Forest Therapy for our company to better understand the subject. The presentation seamlessly blended science and psychology principles to support the movement behind forest bathing. Katriina was lovely to work with; accommodating and had very insightful well thought out presentation prepared for us. Hope to learn more from her in the future.
                                     – Liana Hutcheon; John Mini Distinctive Landscape (NY)- 
“Sinds mijn deelname aan je workshop voel ik een nog grotere verbondenheid met bomen… merkwaardig!!!”
– Els –
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