Founded in 2016 (Merelbeke, Belgium), NatureMinded is a research and consultancy cooperation that aims to make persons and companies mindful about nature’s positive effects on health and psychology – at home, in public space, and at work. We provide applied research and training on nature’s beneficial effects, tailored to your specific situation and needs. Our approach is interdisciplinary and evidence-based: our projects and research focus on how nature can be integrated in, and be of value for architecture, landscaping, healthcare, educational settings, marketing, and business.

I am Katriina, the heart and hands of NatureMinded.

I come from environmental and social sciences, with a sturdy background in qualitative research, having worked in international and multidisciplinary projects in innovation & technology. Next to my current work running NatureMinded, I´m continuing my studies in Environmental Psychology focusing on Outdoor Environments for Health and Wellbeing at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. On top of that, I manage some forest & health related projects at BOS+ forest organisation in Belgium.

Because nature connection is both my interest and my passion, I like to practice what I preach. Together with my Finnish colleague Heidi Korhonen from Luontomieli, we have given form to and organised the International Forest Therapy Days (IFTDays)  since 2018. IFTDays brings together scientists and practitioners united around the common theme of forests and their importance for human health. You can read the feedback about our past two events here.

International Forest Therapy Days
Metsämieli – Forest Mind

Forest Mind is another practical way to contribute to promoting mindfull time spent in nature.  I lead guided forest therapy walks on request.


I am a  believer in an outdoorsy lifestyle as a promoter of health, and especially so for children in urban environments. I have composed and assembled nature education material for children and educators.  I am  trained as a Metsämörri guide, following the  popular Scandinavian outdoor education method, as well as a certified nature guide (Natuurpunt CVN).

I am a member of the Green Care Finland ry,  an association that works to coordinate, develop and promote the use of nature (and animal) assisted (NAI) methods in combination with wellbeing and health services in Finland.

But no woman is an island. The backbone of the interdisciplinary NatureMinded projects are the trusted experts from environmental psychology, public sector, natural sciences, health care and creative sector with whom I collaborate within each context.