Founded in 2016 (Flora, Belgium), NatureMinded is a research and consultancy cooperation that aims to make persons and companies mindful about nature’s positive effects on health and psychology – at home, in public space, and at work. We provide applied research and training on nature’s beneficial effects, tailored to your specific situation and needs. Our approach is interdisciplinary and evidence-based: our projects and research focus on how nature can be integrated in, and be of value for architecture, healthcare, educational settings, marketing, and business.

Katriina Kilpi is the “heart and hands” of NatureMinded.

Katriina Kilpi

Coming from a background of environmental management and urban planning, she has worked years in user research, innovation and technology, gaining experience in qualitative research methods and project management in international and multidisciplinary projects. She is currently a student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences where she studies Environmental Psychology with a focus on Outdoor Environments for Health and Wellbeing. On top of this, she doubles as a Forest Mind guide to promote Forest Therapy or/and Shinrin-yoku practices.

In interdisciplinary NatureMinded projects, Katriina coordinates with experts and collaborates with a number of partners from academia, including environmental psychology, landscape architecture, business, NGO´s, public bodies, health care and creative sectors.