Presentations given:

27-29 June 2017. Biodiversity and Health in the face of Climate Change. Challenges, opportunities and evidence gaps. European Conference, Bonn, Germany. Poster session: Doctor Woods (BOS+) and Green Learning Environments (BOS+) in cooperation with BOS+.

2-4 May 2017. ALTER-Net Conference. Nature and society: synergies, conflicts, trade-offs. Ghent, Belgium. Presentation titled: Green Learning Environments. Identifying best practices for non-formal learning in natural environments for children with special educational needs (BOS+) in cooperation with BOS+.

13 June, 2017. De Rondetafels. Bosforum. Brussels, Belgium. Presentation: Weg van Bos (Dr. Yannick Joye on behalf of NatureMinded)

21 March 2017. Studiedag. Groen en gezondheid. Hasselt, Belgium. Presentation titled: Groeien door groen: de welzijns- en gezondheidsbaten van groene omgevingen
(Dr. Yannick Joyce on behalf of NatureMinded)

Bildergebnis für Groen en gezondheid maart 21

Texts (Guest blogs, opinion pieces…)

25 May 2017. Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. Blog. Connecting Childhood and Nature: Providing Opportunity When It’s Not the Norm.


Following the field at conferences and lectures

10 November 2016. NME marktdag. Congres- en Erfgoedcentrum Lamot, Mechelen, Belgium.

6-7 October 2016. European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop. Brussels, Belgium.

27 May, 2016. Colloque BiodiverSanté, Gilly, Belgium

26 May, 2016. Prof. dr. Bart Vandenabeele, Het natuurschoon en het sacrale – Lezing. Het Rustpunt, Ghent, Belgium.

21- 25 May 2015. EU green Week. Brussels, Belgium.

2-5 May 2015 Alter-Net conference:Nature and Urban Wellbeing, Ghent, Belgium.

24-26 August, 2015 The 11th Biennial Conference of Environmental Psychology. Groningen, The Netherlands.


Central documents (proceedings, reviews, reports and brochures) as resources in the field of biodiversity (aka nature) and health.

2017 Proceedings from Nordic research conference in Green Care and Nature-based interventions, held on 31 October-1 November 2017 at Scandic Sorlandet, Norway

2017 Report of the regional workshop on the inter-linkages between human health and biodiversity for the European Region, WHO-CBD organised in Helsinki on 23-25 October.

2017 Final report: Towards more physical activity: Transforming public spaces to promote physical activity — a key contributor to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Europe, WHO.

2017 Technical report: Nature Health Benefits Session. A report of the session on Nature Health Benefits that took place in October 2016 in Brussels, in the framework of the European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop organised by the Belgian Community of Practice Biodiversity & Health, facilitated by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform.

2017 Report: The health and wellbeing impacts of volunteering with The Wildlife Trusts

2017 Refugees welcome in parks, Resource book

2017 Urban green space interventions and health: A review of impacts and effectiveness. Full report, WHO

2017 Urban green spaces: a brief for action, WHO

2017 Austrian Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape & Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. (eds) (2017). Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Landscape and Human Health: Forests, Parks and Green Care. BFW, Vienna.

2017 How urban green spaces relate to health and well-being: The interplay between green space attachment, perceived quality and affordance, Zhang, Y. 2017 [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 180 p., PhD thesis

2017 Nature-based integration: Nordic experiences and examples by Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat, Arbejdsgruppen for Terrestriske Økosystemer (TEG)

2017 EAFRD – Migrant and Refugee Integration brochure.

2016 ‘The Health and Social Benefits of Nature and Biodiversity Protection’ a report prepared by the Institute for European Environmental Policy for the European Commission

2016 WHO report: Urban green spaces and health – a review of evidence

2015 State of Knowledge Review ‘Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health’, by CBD

2007 Urban Parks and Public Health: exploiting a resource for healthy minds and bodies

2006 Botanic Gardens: Using Biodiversity to Improve Human Wellbeing (report)