Introducing Nitin Das, the forest film maker from the Himalayas

You´ve probably already seen the beautiful promotional film of the International Forest Therapy Days. It has been made by Nitin Das, the forest filmmaker from India. Nitin has the exceptional ability to capture people’s attention by telling fascinating stories of uncommon people and extraordinary forests. Nitin is currently working on a series of films, one of which we get to premier at the IFTD retreat, that describe how forests heal people. On top of film making, Nitin engages people to connect with nature through different campaigns that he runs through the Healing Forest project, which he is the founder of.

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The fire to make films about healing forests was ignited by his travels to many beautiful places, which he noticed were quickly disappearing. When he came across an article in the National Geographic about forest therapy, he realized he had found a way to reconnect people with nature.

The lush rainforests of North East India have set the scene for Nitin’s fondest nature related memories. We are lucky enough to open a window to his memories though a film he has made of the area.

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Image by Nitin Das.

If Nitin was not making films, he would probably still be engaging with forests, by planting trees somewhere in the mountains. He finds his inspiration in nature, especially in the mountains, forests and rivers, which have always provided him with answers and showed him the direction. Nitin spends a lot of time in nature tending to his own nature connection. The magnificent Indian Himalayas are his favorite place. In the fascinating valleys and magical forests of the Himalayas one can truly feel the connection with nature.